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Our Mission

Our mission at Wild Harvest Indonesia is to ensure that you have the best essential oils and products coming from Indonesia. In doing so we work closely with the Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture in the Banten Province to ensure that we only source from lands directly supervised and approved for use by this department.

We do not encroach upon wildlife habitats or delicate ecological systems to obtain our essential oils and products. We are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of wildlife habitats and ecological systems that are approaching endangered status or are currently endangered. To help ensure that this effort continues Wild Harvest Indonesia will DIRECTLY donate 10% of our profits to preservation efforts and projects. We do not contribute to third-party charity organizations to do this. We will witness firsthand, where this money is directed.

Please feel good knowing that a part of your purchase will help us in this mission.

Our People

Along with our outstanding group of committed farmers and experienced distillers, our diligent management team keeps the pace and flow of business for our company to ensure that you receive the highest quality essential oils coming from within Indonesia.

Wild Harvest Indonesia is a true distiller direct relationship. We produce the oils we sell.

Dimas Ardiansyah: Consutlant

Mayriana: CFO

Michael Roos: CEO and Operations

Gary Clemens*: Sales/Marketing

Wiro: Master Distiller & Field Supervisor

Sumarno: Head of Cultivation, Research, and Government Representative for Banten province

Ranti: Product Design Indonesia

Chairuddin SH: Legal


*Gary Clemens is Level 1 Certified with Aromahead.


Distillation Locations


At our Banten site, we have 300 kg stainless steel kettles to steam distil our PURE Clove Bud only, Patchouli and Sandalwood essential oils.


The facility is located near the raw material source for the convenience of our farmers to distil.


The fuel source for our boiler is hardwoods cleared and approved for use by the provincial government. 


We also distil our Moringa Hydrosol here in a 10kg stainless steel kettle.

Garut (West Java)

At our Garut (West Java) site, we have 800 kg stainless steel kettles to distil Vetiver only.


This facility is located on the private property of one of our farmers who is also our distiller.


Other farmers also have access to distillation as well.


The fuel source for this boiler is second diesel or known as used diesel.


This system uses a low-pressure (LP) of heating the kettle. The flames never touch the kettle during distillation making sure that the Vetiver oil comes out smooth and in earthy notes as the oil should be.

We will soon have a video of our distillation location in Sumatra, where we distil our Sandalwood. Our sites can be toured with advance notices.

All of our distillations were gifted to the farmers, we do not own the sites - we only ask that they produce the finest essential oils in the world at fair market price. We believe in empowering the farmers economically because they do all the work.

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